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AR Gardening

This project creates a tailored and safe gardening experience with virtual flowers for hospital patients with pollen allergies by utilising AR technology. The focus is on providing a playful, stress-relieving, and therapeutic time with the beauty of virtual flowers.

My ​Role

3D Design



Suyeon Lee

June Kim


Nov 2023


I tried to gift a bouquet to my hospitalised grandmother, but it was forbidden in the room due to the potential danger for patients with pollen allergies.

Design Challenge

How might we provide the sensory experiences of flowers to the patients with pollen allergies in the hospital?

White Paper Research

Several studies have shown that having flowers in hospital rooms can have a beneficial effect on a patient’s emotional states, reduce stress, and even promote the healing process.

“Send Flowers To Hospital:
The Power Of Positivity And Healing Through Blooms”

  • Stress Reduction

  • Mood Enhancement

  • Pain Relief

  • Enhanced Healing

  • Social Connection

  • Improved Patient Experience

  • Positive Impact on Healthcare Professionals

Insight: I found that having flowers in hospital rooms is not only aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial for the mental and physical health of patients.

User Interviews

Thus, we interviewed people with and without pollen allergies to explore discomfort when spending time together in the hospital.

Research Insights

We conducted card sorting to organise our research findings, and we have derived three key insights.
  1. Social Exclusion
    Allergy sufferers may share experiences of feeling excluded from social activities, especially those in pollen-prone areas.

  2. Understanding & Support
    Allergy-free individuals should take proactive steps to create allergy-friendly environments for their friends with allergies.

  3. Therapeutic value of flowers
    Flowers, beyond their beauty, uplift spirits, evoke emotions, and foster well-being in patients on their journey to recovery.

Concept Sketch

sketch 2.jpg

3D Modeling

To implement the idea, I utilised Cinema 4D to create realistic flowers and stones.
I designed 3D models of flowers and pebbles, enhancing realism with suitable textures. Using the Octane renderer,
I refined details through note editing.
Positioned the models against a well-arranged background with optimal lighting. 

AR Testing & Challenges

We conducted tests by importing objects created and implementing them through Adobe Aero.
Issue with importing in low-poly only
Exported Cinema 4D models as FBX to Adobe Aero, but high-resolution textures caused low-quality rendering in Aero.
Problem-solving with integrating
Dimension into Aero
As to include high-resolution texture, we imported FBX into Adobe Dimension, then brought Dimension files into Aero for a successful texture inclusion.


The playful act of watering virtual flowers highlights the project concept, vividly shown in both the actual screen and AR environment.
<Actual Screen>
<AR Environment>

Next Steps & Takeaways

  1. Enhancing interaction
    After completing the shoot, one of the disappointments during the review was that the flowers remained static in their positions. Therefore, for the next step, I plan to add an interaction where virtual flowers bloom when watered, providing a more immersive experience.
  2. Considering the educational impact of AR
    During the project, I recognised the potential for a blend of fun and education. So, besides considering pollen allergies, my plan is to provide detailed info about each flower and explain gardening methods, with a focus on educating children.

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